We’re Driving Cadillacs In Our Dreams

I am SO INCREDIBLY EXCITED FOR THE WEEKEND I really can’t wait for it to come omg ahhhh!!!! My whole weekend is packed with fun stuff so seriously can Friday (where I’m alone and bored) please just fly over N O W

Though tbh I hate getting excited because reality never lives up to expectations HAHA but this time, I’m just happy cause I haven’t seen them in ages so meeting up again will be nice (:

These past few days I’ve been getting addicted to songs sung by people with really irritating voices HAHAHA but I actually like it I have no idea why? Like Cher Lloyd and Karmin, whose voices are really really incredibly good but would annoy me any other time HAHA both are so cool seriously and their live versions are good too so what’s more to ask xD

Omg I was scrolling through the X-Factor page and there’s this guy called Van der Wall HAHAHAHAHAHA

And on a side note I think Lorde in her Royals video would really make a good grindylow

Past few days have been pretty good (: Had OP on Wednesday, and honestly wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be haha the mood in the classroom was so much better than when we go through dry runs with Ms Leow -___- The teachers were really nice and the other group was pretty supportive (and they were quite good zomg). Nat told me to make retarded faces at her during her presentation so that she’d remember to smile, and for the dry run I made them at the wrong times (i.e. the parts where she was supposed to be sad, so she snickered during those parts HAHA crap) but I think I did it properly during the actual one :D I could see Shengyen laughing at me from the side when I was doing rawr )< And Jolene told me to tell her to smile and slow down, but she didn’t even look at me wtheck HAHA

Anyway so very very proud of my group (: It wasn’t our best run, but it was as good as could be expected under the circumstances so I think I’ll just take that hahaha and we pulled through everything without even blowing up at each other!! To celebrate, we went out for a combined group lunch after that HAHA but first suan-ed everyone in our path cause we went down to the canteen and found part of our class prepping for their OP the next day, and we said really obnoxiously, “OP IS OVER!!!”

Killed time at Prata House eating before Udders opened, and when we went into Udders me and Nat got Weiting to help us buy the alcoholic ice creams HAHA Baileys and Rum Rum Raisin! I swear the both of us are gonna grow up to be alcoholics oops but it was not bad, I liked the Baileys (: Spent really long nua-ing there and singing to the songs playing on the radio (everyone was embarassed by me – especially Nat – HAHA I’m sorry guys) and when everyone was judging me Jofatty said “She’s already considered one of the midlest in our batch” HAHAHA why is this so true :’) We werewaiting for Mingyun to show up because they got lost on the way from Marymount to Udders like what how does that even happen??

The initial plan was to go to the seedy Nex kbox place, but we went there and it literally looked like a brothel I kid you not. So we sent Mingliang in to, in Ben’s words, “Check out the rates” —-> and doesn’t that sound like hiring a prostitute?? But ya turns out it was fourteen an hour so no go HAHA and in the end we decided to watch Escape Plan instead! Ate at Hot Tomato first, and after all Nicole said about it, I thought it’d be really really good but it was ok only la HAHA

Escape Plan was not bad, but partially spoilt for me because of stupid Shengyen AUGH he told me and Ben *SPOILER ALERT* “you know why they can’t escape? Cause the prison is on a ship” and we were both like !!! and when he tried to spoil it some more we just ran away HAHA pretty funny because we had half an hour to kill before the show started, so our group split up because Enyu and Mengyu wanted to go to the pet shop, and me Ben Shengyen didn’t LOL so in the end we went to Popular to see if I could buy Native, and Mengyu Enyu Mingliang went to the pet shop. And apparently, I’m like a guy while Mingliang’s like a girl sigh this has been repeatedly mentioned to me this past few days :’(

Also, I searched through two CD shops at Nex but STILL NO NATIVE seriously I’ve been looking high and low but I still haven’t been able to buy it?? If anyone buys me the non-Asian edition without the white border I will kiss them I really will

Escape Plan was pretty intense though HAHA Ben and Shengyen (who sat on either side of me) said I kept screaming and please I did not?? Not even as bad as scream HAHA that one I legit screamed and I was whatsapping so many people at the same time because I was freaked out and all the responses were similar wlao idiots )<

Pic of the day acc to Ben HAHA

Pic of the day acc to Ben HAHAHA

All in all a pretty good day (: Unexpectedly fun that’s what I have to say haha and why is it that no matter who I go out with, everyone has such difficulty making decisions on what to do and where to eat -___- My PW group’s default is now to scissors paper stone HAHA and going out with them was one of the quietest experiences of my life. They’re not quiet but just that usually when I go out with people we cause such a huge ruckus LOL #publicnuisance

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